Hardwood for the price of Softwood thru fully owned proper production




LINAZUL is unlike any other party able to deliver the best quality for the best price thru our own full production process.



LINAZUL is pleased to offer several sales programs. Whichever program finally is selected, depends on the needs and whishes from you the client the sales representative, the market and available resources at LINAZUL. In short the following are the main options:


          Exclusive distribution ship agreement with an importer or other large wholesaler with a concrete objective and realistic targets. We always require a verifiable sales plan.


          Broker or sales representative agreement with the aim of setting up an effective distribution network in a specific region.


          Taylor made specified products which do not compete with products already present in the actual market. This is a straight forward order as a matter of fact.


          Retail Chain of stores in a particular region that wants to have exclusive right on certain kind of products and or product specifications.


          Direct small store program with an active support to attend these stores in the field with appropriate displays, advertising, budget and any other kind of required support.


          Installers with a dense network and highly skilled expertise on a certain field also always look very promising in our opinion.



Above mentioned options are the most regular, however, if you think you might have some particular ideas, please feel free to contact us at our email: