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Hardwood for the price of Softwood thru fully owned proper production



LINAZUL is unlike any other party able to deliver you the best quality for the best price. We have our own full production process which means that:



·          Fully controlled Quality from the log cutting to the final customer; opposed to the competitor with speculative intermediaries and long term purchase programs.


·          Also, quality control directly on the spot (opposed to the competitor).


·          Taylor made products by passing intermediaries with restricted sizes and margins (opposed to the competitor).


·          Modern western managed production facilities (opposed to the competitor) resulting in dependable en reliable delivery times.


·          Control and proper purchase power at the weakest link; the logs. Low quality logs; means low return on investment, resulting in a high cost price whilst suffering low quality. The competitor does not have this power and simply has to accept whatever is available.


·          Cut to order, which by passes the restriction of standard sizes and useless waste due to these ‘trade’ sizes.


·          No unnecessary transportation costs due to the fact that all products are shipped ready furnished opposed to the competitor transporting at least 35% (flooring) of waste (up to 80%; in case of garden fences!)


·          The competitor will most likely not dispose this expensively transported raw material. This will either result in lower quality or higher purchase price for you as the customer. LINAZUL simply put its efforts right on the spot: the logs and thru the entire production process!



That’s why our offers are best evaluated by our clients and resellers. Please check it out for yourself: or submit your address in order to receive the monthly special offers at