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Differences between the species of garden wood, garden fences and decking.

In respect of outside wood, or also called exterior wood or simply called gardenwood, requirements are different to wood to be applied in the interior. LINAZUL is able to deliver this exterior wood as well as the interior wood for the best competitive price quality ratio. From all the different species there are 4 that really prevail: Itauba, Cumaru, Garapa, Ipe and Tatajuba. Sucupira and Angelim Pedra are also available, but we strongly prefer the Tatajuba thru its natural resins that protects itself from decline imposed by the sun, the cold and the rain. Because of these fatty resins, water can hardly enter the pores thru which the wood have less chance to work and consequently split and decline.





Decking Ipe   &  Decking Tatajuba


Angelim Pedra


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The most common Bankirai is present not because of its superior qualities but mainly due to historical (ex colony) reasons. Only focusing on the qualities of the wood, we must conclude that Ipe, Itauba, Tatajuba and Garapa are superior to Bankirai. Not because they are harder but because they contain fatty resins. Because of these fatty resins, water can hardly enter the pores thru which the wood have less chance to work and consequently split and decline. By simply looking at the ‘durability’ table, one forgets almost the importance of the fatty resins and bases its opinion mainly on the restricted hardness of the wood. Bankirai has this fatty resins to a far lesser extent and therefore is Bankirai inferior to the 4 above mentioned Brazilian species.


Best value – do it yourself – Tatajuba fences




Garapa is almost as good, however, most often more expensive than Tatajuba. Cumara has e sexy appeal but in respect of the fatty resins Cumaru does not come even near the Loura Itauba (and to a lesser extend the Garapa). Ipe is the hardest, which in turn also imply a great durability, however the existence of the aforementioned fatty resins is many times more important than the hardness. Ipe is nevertheless the best money can buy, but is much more expensive than the others and Itauba is also better, but commercially widely exploited so that its price is out of balance. Garapa is also good, but not as good as Tatajuba, while the latter is even cheaper. Best value for money is therefore Tatajuba. It is therefore not a surprise that LINAZUL sells most Tatajuba; the best quality against the lowest possible price!


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Garden fences


heavy duty 14mm Jumbo Tatajuba fence

close up Jumbo fence

simple two post construction


Most frequent/ best sold types of fences


Heavy duty Jumbo Tatajuba fence with 14,5cm plank with and thick 14mm, stainless steel srewed and fully souvereigned. Both square as round models

Elegent garden fence, same as Jumbo but with 9cm plank with and thick 14mm.



Planks, laths and plinths

Turnery Tatajuba