Hardwood for the price of Softwood thru fully owned proper production



Differences in the different kinds of species available for flooring


In the first place a massive hardwood floor is a rock solid floor – highly protected against scratches – which means an ultimate durable investment in your house, or real estate. Whether you choose Cumaru, Garapeira or a Peroba Mica floor, all hard very hard and there is no comparison with the usual much softer European or American wooden floor.  For further information about the particular species please click on our species site. Down below you can see our hardness schedule.


Help about installation please review our special installation advice and for maintenance advice please review our maintenance site


Most important difference is most probably the color and its match with the rest of the furniture and/ or style. Therefore we are pleased to give you a little indication by the following:





Brazilian Teak


Brazilian Maple


Brazilian Cherry


Brazilian Walnut


Brazilian Oak


Tiger Wood



Angelim Pedra


Peroba Mica



For more information about the particular specie, please click on its name





Cumaru width 15cm breed, oiled

Cumaru, width 9cm fish, hardwax






Garapa, width 9cm

Garapa, parquet tapis (6 and 9mm thick), hardwax






Peroba Mica width 11cm

Sucupira width 9cm






Sapupira 9cm breed waxed

Angelim Pedra unfinished





Jatoba width 18cm


Jatoba width 15cm





Ipe, width 11cm

Jatoba special coated width 11cm