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FAQ – Frequent Asked Questions


Before sending an email, or calling one of our sales representatives, please check if your questions is not already answered below. For any further advise or other kind of question please feel free to send us an email at


The frequent asked questions are divided in the following sections:





New customer

Wood species



Custom made products

New agent

Importing myself





·          How are the goods delivered? What must I do to receive the goods?

·          Depending on the region you live in, but most common is that the products will be shipped by truck strapped to a pallet and you do not need to unload the truck yourself. Flooring is heavy so we are happy to offer you some convenience.


·          For order picked in the dispatch harbor end users’ pallets will be made up of individual bundles of 20-25 square feet. The individual bundles will weigh 35-60 lb. depending on the species and the size of the bundle. You will need wire cutters in case of steel strapping. We can also use nylon strapping but this is more prone to move.




·          How is it possible to offer such good products for so little?

·          This is possible because LINAZUL excluded or the regular intermediary chains that you competitor suffer from (and not only in respect of price). All chains in between are speculative, have their administration costs, handling and transportation, and after all it is a hard job to get everything into the same direction. For these reasons is LINAZUL able to offer you the lowest price against the best quality.


·          That’s a nice story, but what are you bulletproof guarantees?

·          We accept your order and on your order we accept your specifications. If we try to deliver something else you simply reject the delivery.


·          I want to see first what I but, would that be possible?

·          Yes absolutely! Depending on the region you live we will indicate you a sales representative or if there is none available we might send you some common products under letter of credit and depending on our relationship also Cash Against Delivery, which means that you will be able to have a close look in the port of arrival before paying. It is also possible of course to visit us in the factory or the harbor warehouse.


·          What’s your guarantee?

·          In most places there is some kind of an association and we work according to the rules of this association which means that our guarantee is not different to any other supplier in your region





·          The price is so low, the quality must be bad.

·          No as a matter of fact it is the other way around. Because we have our own production facilities we are able to control everything directly wheach means that we are not subject to opportunistic behavior which is pretty common in Brazil and Bolivia. Your competitors however, do suffer from this, which mean that they are supplied purely on a make to order basis, which is pretty ad hoc. Because of excluding all the chains in between we are able to buy the best quality logs, the sizes that we want (because you – as a customer – are in direct contact with us) which means saving time, preventing unnecessary waist because of standard sizes and unnecessary handling and transportation costs besides speculative margins from all the chains in between. That’s why we offer you a better quality AND a much lower price!


·          The price is good but I want an additional discount!

·          LINAZUL is able to offer you a discount if you order in advance, pay on time and provide a stable customer- supplier relationship. In other words: when we save money, we are most willing to share this with you.



New customer


·          I am interested in your products, but I do not want to pay anything in advance.

·          Depending on your profile, LINAZUL might be able to finance your order or you may be credential in your country. In this case there is no deposit necessary. However, LINAZUL also wants its guarantees, so in most cases we offer a common product in a small volume to minimize the risk for both sides.


·          I want a special product, in a large amount but I do not want to pay anything in advance and I am also not credential. Is this possible?

·          No this is not possible, in this case we can only take off with a common product such as flooring or decking or regular planks, posts etc. When we both feel comfortable we can proceed in taking more risks.


·          How do I know that you are really delivering on time?

·          Actually there is only one answer, try us out! But you can also investigate thru visiting our warehouse, evaluating our logistical process which is described in the delivery reliability site. What we suggest is never to give up a current supplier at once, just make a small order and see how it goes. LINAZUL is not looking for fast cash, but prefers to have happy customers and a stable relationship so we are able to forecast even better.



Wood species


Garden fences

·          Most people in Holland, Belgium and Germany ask us the difference between our species and the market leader bankirai. It is interesting to note that the presence of Bankirai is not due to its qualitative superiority but the origin lay within history. In Holland – and Belgium and especially Germany – are influenced by the historical ties of its colonies in Indonesia. This is also true for France, where there are many more African species. Not only the ex colony is the reason, also the language and the presence of ex colony inhabitants, now living in the ex colonizing country (Holland, France).


This means that Bankirai is present not because of its superior qualities but mainly due to historical reasons. Only focusing on the qualities of the wood, we must conclude that Ipe, Itauba, Louro Itauba and Garapa are superior to Bankirai. Not because they are harder but because they contain fatty resins. Because of these fatty resins, water can hardly enter the pores thru which the wood have less chance to work and consequently split and decline. By simply looking at the ‘durability’ table, one forgets almost the importance of the fatty resins and bases its opinion mainly on the restricted hardness of the wood. Bankirai has this fatty resins to a far lesser extent and therefore is Bankirai inferior to the 4 above mentioned Brazilian species.


Looking also at the price and considering the price performance ration, Louro Itauba is the best value. Ipe is the best money can buy, but is much more expensive and Itauba is also better than Louro Itauba, but commercially widely exploited so that its price is out of balance. Garapa is also good, but not as good as Louro Itauba, while the latter is even cheaper. Cumaru has a sexy appeal (and expensive) but is of even less resistance than Garapa. Best value for money is therefore Louro Itauba.


In Belgium LINAZUL have noticed that Angelim Pedra is pretty common, but according tour expertise, Angelim Pedra is not a suitable specie for outdoor applications. However, we do offer decking and posts in Angelim Pedra – because it’s the client who decides – but do not promote it due to its unsuitability. However, we have plenty to offer and the specie is also relatively cheap. For more information please have a look at our common species site, or if you really want to go into depth please visit our extensive species site


In North America most common wood is the pressure green colored wood, which is neither as durable as the Brazilian species nor as beautiful. In our opinion there is almost nothing else because it simply not available. LINAZUL wants to help you exploit this market opportunity.



·          Flooring is one of the most delicate products in the range, good quality not only depends on the specie but more over the perfect match between the final customer, the way it is applied (fixed or floating floor), the conditions of the floor underneath (wet, concrete, fiberboard, joists only or maybe even right on top of an existing floor). Only the shopkeeper and the installer can decide, for now only the color matter, all species are hardwood; heavily resistant to scratches and therefore highly durable.


·          What is the difference between “Select and Better” grade and “Clear" grade?

·          “Select and Better” grade is a grade slightly lower than “Clear”. It may have wider color variation, some minor face blemish, shorter average lengths (generally 2.5’) and/or higher tolerance for acceptable milling standards. Clear grade is the highest grade of flooring available. It has longer average lengths (3.5’) and lower tolerance for acceptable milling standards. Some items on our Warehouse are “Clear” grade. They are just overstocks, remnants and/or discontinued items. The items that are “Select and Better” grade are noted as such on The "LC" Company Warehouse.


·          Does LINAZUL install flooring?

·          We supply flooring products to Flooring Distributors, Retailers, and Contractors throughout North America, who take care of the installing. The flooring being offered directly to the consumers can also arrange their own installation or can use experienced and professional installers from our network.


·          How much should I allow for waste?

·          This will depend on the item being ordered. A rule of thumb is to calculate the square footage required and to order 7% extra. This allows the flooring contractor to have enough extra so he can lay the best-looking floor. LINAZUL cannot be responsible for shortages due to errors in ordering.


Moldings and plinths

·          In Holland, Belgium and Germany most moldings are made from (finger joint) pine, and the hardwood used is either Meranti or Cambara. The technical diference between Meranti and Cambara are not really significant, however, Cambara is much more widely available and also a lot cheaper. LINAZUL offers you a wide range of moldings, or simply send your design to

·          Sometimes we also produce Angelim Pedra – called Sapupira in Holland mainly due to its tested and proved qualities and certification of KOMO and KVT. However, LINAZUL does not find Angelim Pedra suitable for molding applications due to its rough texture which leaves the planed wood a little unfinished. Cambara instead, is well suited to be painted, has little loss while planing and finer texture.




·          I am interested in your products and its prices, what are your conditions?

·          The conditions depend on the relationship, are you a new customer, a regular customer, a premium customer, a franchise or maybe a freelance agent? In general Brazilian exporters export exclusively under FOB (Free On Board) conditions. LINAZUL wants to offer more service and is willing to offer you CIF (delivery in the harbor of your country) or in case of chain of stores we can even deliver it directly one by one to the stores (DDU). In other words: it all depends what the relationship.


·          What is the minimum order quantity?

·          This is further specified on the pricelist, and also depend heavily on the kind of relationship we have. If you are located in Germany, Holland or Belgium we are able to deliver 4 pallets right in front of your doorstep (200m²). If you are located in a remote area and where we are not able to combine a load with something else, the minimum order quantity remains the same but transportation costs will increase. In other words, for us any quantity goes in principle, but for you as a customer, transportation costs might become too high. In concrete: every shipment costs us around U$ 200,00 to dispatch, whether it is 1 pallet or 10 containers. The minimum is up to you.


·          And what is the minimum order quantity in case of special products?

·          We need to invest some time and have special tools fabricated which will need a minimum order quantity of 2m in case of moldings, 3000 pieces of garden fences, 1000m² of decking and 500m² of flooring. Please also read the section ‘new customer’ in respect of special products.


·          It is not what I wanted, can I send it back?

·          It is hard to happen since our quality control systems are pretty neat, however, what is and what is not within the quality acceptance must be specified on the order issued be yourself. LINAZUL wants to have a clear cut agreement or order confirmation so that we can both prevent this situation. If the product is outside the margins you can of course return the goods, if the products are inside the specification you are not entitled to return the goods.


·          Where can I find the general Terms and Conditions?

·          LINAZUL works with Taylor made Terms and Conditions, which depend on the customer’s profile, needs and whishes. A retail chain has other needs than a straight forward exporter. In general our terms and conditions do not differ from our competitors and we always look forward to working according the guidelines of your local (hard)wood associations.





·          Can I cancel the order while it is being produced?

·          You are asking a lot, all competitors require sometimes a leadtime between 6 and 9 months. But anyway, it depends on the product, if it is a common product, we will charge you a small administrational fee, if it is a custom made product it is obvious that this cannot be cancelled.


·          How can I plan my orders in with you, how does this work?

·          Pretty straight forward; when establishing a relationship you can have every time a closer look in the kitchen. We can for example show you our production schedule and we can both work something out what to produce and when. Changing machines and equipment is costly that’s why we appreciate an additional order of decking, flooring etc.


·          In the future I wish to work with a credit, would that be possible?

·          Unfortunately not, Brazil is one of the most expensive countries in the world at the moment (e.g. interest rates of 6%/ month!), if LINAZUL start to finance our customers we will not be able to offer the quality for the best price. We put all our effort on the production and securing the logs. As far as LINAZUL knows, there is not one exporter that finance its customer, this is also restricted by the Brazilian Central Bank, but LINAZUL already come to meet its customers by not asking a pre payment which is most common.


·          I have ordered 9cm wide plank fences and now I want to change that for a 14,5cm wide fence and some deck, would that be possible?

·          It depends on the specie, if the specie remains the same and we have not yet cut everything into the specific measures, you can change the order free of charge.


·          How fast are you able to deliver the standard decking (20mm and 28mm thick x 14,5cm wide)?

·          This is our most common product, we always have a safety stock ready for shipment in the harbor, it also depends on the region, in some regions we are able to dispatch it from a local dealer from us. In other words; depending on your region, it could be 1 day up to 4 weeks when it has to be shipped directly from Brazil.



Custom made products


·          We are an exclusive company that want you to make a special product, what do I need to do?

·          The only thing you need to do is to send an email with the design in the attachment to and we will come back to you with a price and a delivery time.


·          Is it possible to order anything I want?

·          In principal it is since we are operating our own machines and cutting down the proper trees, however, it is clear that production must be of some scale


·          If I want to order a special product with the lowest price possible, what do I need to do?

·          To achieve the lowest price possible you must:

o         Accurate forecast

o         A log is round and planks are not, so to com to an optimal price you must order a variation in widths such as 8cm, 12cm, 15 and 18cm

o         Paying late is definitely not appreciated by LINAZUL since it is operating in one of the most expensive countries in the world (e.g. interest rates of 6%/ month!)

o         Accurate specification of the product, the delivery date, payment date and clear agreements in general.



New agent


·          I want to become a new agent what do I need to do?

·          Please check the details on the agent site or enroll the agent application form in order to proceed your application.


·          What kind of support can I expect from LINAZUL?

·          It all depends on the promising offer from your side, if we feel there is an interesting potential, we commit ourselves to extensive support.


·          I want to put my own company in the middle, would that be possible?

·          No this would not be possible, because when you do this you will no longer be an agent but a customer


·          What is the difference between an agent and a customer anyway?

·          The difference is freedom versus risk. A customer buys the products for its own account and sell it for the price he thinks is most opportune. The agent is tied to fixed margins but without the risks that the customer has to bear.


·          Is it not possible to enjoy the best from both sides?

·          Yes absolutely! LINAZUL believes in accurate forecasting as a key success factor. We therefore like to support the clients quite extensively. Our most supportive sales program entitles the shopkeeper to run its own place but with all the support – and risks – taken by LINAZUL in the form of displays, not sold return to LINAZUL guarantee. For more information send us an email at


·          Ok, I would like to act as an agent, what do I get?

·          What do you get is pretty standard, besides a common margin over the total invoice amount LINAZUL will offer quarterly bonuses and your bonuses.


·          And when exactly do I get paid out?

·          The pay is within a week when the revenues are being received by LINAZUL


·          Do I also need to study something?

·          We always as ourselves the question of added value. If there is no added value, an amount of U$5,00 is already a lot. This means that you have to know how to help the customer, you will be able to tell what can be improved in the customer’s interest. It is not a simple price list and send it to as many fax numbers as you can, it is helping the customer with its specific needs. An extensive course in technical aspects of timber besides a sales course are elementary. Regularly LINAZUL will ask you to enroll questionnaires in order to identify possible weaknesses and potential opportunities for you as an agent to excel.


·          When can I start?

·          The first step is the enroll the agent application form and than we can work both on a sales plan which will or will not be feasible. After a month or three we will have to make a decision from both sides whether we will continue or not by a fixed agent contract.  


Importing myself


·          How can I import myself, is it difficult to import?

·          Definitely not, it all depends on the quality of the documents that LINAZUL supply. The only thing you need to do is to inform us your country and your preferred harbor. LINAZUL will contact the local authorities to find out about the required documents, the costs and how to proceed. The problem is not the importing, the problem is to find a reliable partner: LINAZUL!


·          Ok, I will receive than the documents and then what?

·          At arrival, you will be contacted by the shipper and then you can arrange transport to the specific harbor. Once cleared by the agent, the transporter is able to collect the goods with the documents and that’s it! What matters therefore is the quality of the documents issued by LINAZUL.