Hardwood for the price of Softwood thru fully owned proper production






At the time of writing (May, 2005) at the ‘Koelnmesse’ in Cologne, a German international hardwood trade fair, we met an American importer that complaint about the reliability in respect of delivery. He was in desperate need of reliable jatoba planks but the previous order he had ordered 13 containers but finally only 1 arrived and this was even cut too narrow.


Thanks to this annoying incompetence (sizes and other quality aspects) and most often speculating middlemen (delivery time) LINAZUL has become quite successful in a short period of time. Western based management and German practice of quality control have a fast grip on the capricious’ moods of the Brazilian suppliers. Furthermore, Brazilian suppliers are always short of money, so they will most likely use your money to fill up the gaps in the hope of future orders so that they are able to deliver your gap.


This might sound a little crude, but that’s the only reason why Brazilin (and most of the rest of the tropical hardwood suppliers in the rest of the world) are able not to succeed whilst they are latterly sitting on the holy grail. LINAZUL successfully bridge this gap.   


The key to success is to have a tight control on every aspect of the entire process. In Bolivia for instance we cut down the trees ourselves in our fully owned managed forests. Because of the raining season – starting around December 1st up to the end of April – all access roads are virtually inaccessible. This is true for all log producing firms. Therefore we cut continuously and whenever there is a chance – besides inaccessible roads there also happens to be a lot of strikes in Bolivia – LINAZUL dispatch it directly to either the production facility in Brazil (in case of flooring) or directly to the port of discharge (Paranagua, Brazil), in case of garden wood and rough sawn.

In Brazil we do not actually own all the forest we extract the timber from, instead we manage the various sawing mills by our own personnel, assuring the right cut, the right sizes in length (avoiding waist) and of course to have a close look on the expensive raw material (the logs).


Once transported by our proper trucks to the factory we continue to have full control by our own facilities such as the drying chambers and planing machines. However, the most import is to have a direct access and influence over the logs and the cutting since these are the most critical factors not only in respect o the supply but moreover in the quality.


Common products such as decking and the usual flooring we are able to deliver in a couple of weeks since we dispatch those products directly to the warehouse in Paranagua. Since we have an extensive forecasting together with a close look on the Brazilian market with its fluctuations, we have a good idea what we need for a two month safety stock. Opposed to the competitor – which most often works on the order – we prefer to work and support closely next to the customer. This way we – LINAZUL and you, the customer – will not only be able to succeed in delivery times, but also in quality assurance and the lowest price possible. The lowest price is not just because of low quality. It is the opposite. Incompetent ad hoc planning means acquiring low quality and poor cut logs which finally result in low quality and huge delivery times.


Therefore, accurate planning and forecasting therefore is one of the main key factors on the side of the customer and tight control of the production in the key factor on the side of the supplier. LINAZUL is looking forward to inviting you for a long term relationship with accurate delivery times, the lowest price against the best quality. To learn more about one of our sales programs please click here or send us an email directly at