Hardwood for the price of Softwood thru fully owned proper production




LINAZUL Ltd. Is a very successful sales and production organization with fine heavy duty massive wooden floors with accompanying plinths, garden fences with again accompanying posts and superb decking elements.


The production takes place right in the middle of the source of all the fine woods. One in Brazil for the better refinement and one in Bolivia for the main supply and the rough sawn garden woods. In the ports of Chile and Brazil we are fully installed to supply directly to North America and Europe; currently our principal markets thru custom made products and specifications.


LINAZUL is thru is fully controlled supply and logistics as no other able to provide the best quality against the lowest possible price.


See for yourself how we do this:


          Fast Feedback; LINAZUL is one integrated chain and not many independent chains such as cutter, sawing mill, exporter, broker, importer, wholesaler, carpenter and finally the installer. Click here to see the whole supply chain. LINAZUL is able to meet specific wishes from the client within 2 months. Therefore you Ė as a sales representative Ė will be able to get access potential customers, whilst almost ALL competitors do NOT have this competitive advantage!! LINAZUL is one of the very few where all chains are truly and fully integrated.


          No expensive stocking and inventory costs thru fast lead times and flexible deliveries. Competitor have far less reliable partners and the only answer to them are HUGE inventories (dead capital resulting in a far higher price to their customers). Furthermore, the more intermediaries in between, the higher the inventories of ALL the parties.


          Standard sizes is definitely not an element of LINAZULís dictionary. Importers and wholesales play it for the safe and thatís why they will hardly accept different sizes than the usual. Their clients might want different sizes but there simply not available, so the client is forced to pay more while buying something he doesnít actually want. Opposed to the competitor, LINAZUL is one of the very few suppliers that customers can truly influence the production process!!


          No huge delivery times for special projects. Installers or factories depend most often exclusively on regular sizes. LINAZUL does offer ANY size, starting at cutting the trees:

o         Garden fences: standard size for the Dutch, Belgium and German garden fence is 180cm / 176cm while the loggs are at least 2 meters and 50cm upwards. Not controlling the actual cut means already a loss of at least 10% (20cm on every 2 meters).

o         Doors and window frames: while window frames are thick posts much of the logs remains untouched but needs to be paid. LINAZUL controls this process itself and programs the make out of the remains (50%!!) doors and other fine products smaller element. Competitors working on order only, definitely do NOT have this advantage!


          No transportation of waste. Competitors transport at least 1/3 waist while planing at the location of arrival means a waist of 1/3 in case of flooring up 80%!! In case of garden fences! Meanwhile, this waist had been transported and paid for, so competing prices are no doubt much higher than LINAZULís.


          Costs are further reduced by using local production, transport, haulage and assembly. In the dispatch harbor, merchandize do not go the some warehouse in the customerís country but is directly delivered by an accurate logistical planning. This way, customers are supplied directly from Brazil even when the order is only two pallets!


          In a nutshell: for you as a sales representative numerous unique selling points. LINAZUL will give you the best support and promising representatives will win the in company training in one of our production centers, just to have fun and of course to get a far deeper knowledge of the amazing world of timber and proper product knowledge of all the fine timber species its applications and its qualities! APPLY NOW!